Your knowledge and expertise are vital to students seeking information on the new
Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree and Associate of Science/Louisiana

Transfer Degree.

The Advisor’s Guide has been developed to provide you with concise information and the answers you need to assist both high school and college students wanting to enroll in the new degree programs.

The guide includes information on the following: credit hours, degree requirements, fields of study, eligibility details, curricula, and frequently asked questions. A PDF for the FAQ information brochure has been included here for your use. Please print it for your students and encourage them to review it.

Printable brochures and an Advisor’s Guide are also available for you to use in your school to alert students to this new program.

Check out the new Transfer Course Guide, formerly called the Articulation Matrix. As an alternative, the Articulation Matrix spreadsheet is still available for download here.

Planning Guides

There are several paths to the Louisiana Transfer Degree. Find information on course requirements for the various concentrations here: Academic Concentrations Overview. Use a template (below) when selecting courses, or get one from your college advisor or a transfer website.

8 Academic Concentration/Curriculum Planning Templates
Biological Sciences
Criminal Justice
Fine Arts
General Business
Mass Communication
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences