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The Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer
Degree or Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree are offered by 2-year and community colleges as an interim step to the bachelor’s degree. They allow you to complete the first 60 hours of college work toward a 4-year degree at the 2-year college. The degrees are designed to give you the foundation to succeed in earning a bachelor’s degree, and to help you make wise choices about the majors that are best for you.

Planning Guides

There are several paths to the Louisiana Transfer Degree. Find information on course requirements for the various concentrations here: Academic Concentrations Overview . Use a template (below) when selecting courses, or get one from your college advisor or a transfer website .

8 Academic Concentration/Curriculum Planning Templates
Biological Sciences
Criminal Justice
Fine Arts
General Business
Mass Communication
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

* When you graduate with a Louisiana Transfer Degree, you are eligible to enter a Louisiana 4-year public university as a junior, with all 60 (non-developmental) credits transferring to the receiving university.

* Find out more by linking to college and university transfer web sites (See: Schools Participating ) to see recommended courses and advising templates for the Louisiana Transfer Degree.

* The Louisiana Transfer Degree can help you make the most of your first two years of college, especially if you’re not sure about a major. When you earn a Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree (39 hours of general education courses and another 21 hours of related courses) , that 60-hour block of courses will transfer to the public university of your choice. While you won’t lose any credits, you must still meet course requirements for the degree you choose to pursue.

The TDG takes the guesswork out of the transfer process and provides a clear path to transfer from Louisiana community colleges to Louisiana universities. Time and money are saved in the process.

TDG in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Learn about the curriculum for the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree by reviewing questions and answers in the FAQ section of this website.

Step 2 – Meet with your counselor or advisor and set out a written degree plan for the community college at which you are enrolled or considering enrollment.

Step 3 – Visit the website of the university at which you wish to enroll. Check out the AA/LT and AS/LT advising templates. Learn about GPA, admission standards and course requirements and recommendations for your major. (See links in Schools Participating section.)

Step 4 – Schedule the right courses at your community college and earn a minimum grade of “C” grade in each course and a high enough GPA to meet the admission requirements of your selected Louisiana public university.

Step 5 – Follow your degree plan and check with your counselor and/or the university’s transfer website each semester for updates.

Step 6 – Graduate with an Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree (AA/LT) or an Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree (AS/LT).

Step 7 – Apply to the Louisiana public university of your choice. You are on the right path to earning a bachelor’s degree.

Get started today. See an advisor at your community college to begin your path to a Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree.