Comparison of Two Campuses

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Common Course Codes

How to inerpret Course Listings:
Asterisks (ex: Math ***) indicate that the course in this row is not offered by the campus. The course would transfer 'by title', meaning with general credit in the subject area. Dashes (ex: ---) indicate that the course is offered at a different credit value at the institution; it will be listed at another credit value. This is mostly found in calculus offerings.

Important Advice for Transfer Students:
Students are strongly advised to complete course sequences before transferring to another institution. This would include a lecture and lab sequence of natural science courses, introductory language sequences (e.g. French, Spanish). Students may be required to take a language placement examination, especially if transferring mid-sequence.

Courses that do not appear anywhere on the matrix still may be accepted for credit. Students are urged to contact the receiving institution's Transfer Adviser for detail.

For ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT TRANSFER COURSES, contact the Transfer Adviser at the receiving institution. ('receiving institution' links here: