Want to help your children have a successful college experience? Want to help them find career success? If your daughter or son is embarking on the next step into a community college in Louisiana, you will want to know more about the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree.

Your son or daughter can now enroll at one of the 10 community colleges in the state, graduate with Associate of Arts or Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree and, with associate degree in hand, be well on the way to a bachelor’s degree.

These degrees guarantee:

  • Junior-level standing upon admission to a Louisiana 4-year public university (Meet the transfer admission standards)
  • Transfer of at least the 60 credit hours of the degree
  • Completion of the General Education block at any Louisiana public university
  • Equal opportunity to compete for admission to limited access programs

This website offers a printable Advisor’s Guide for you and your child to review. Learn what the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees offer and what the requirements are.

Planning Guides

There are several paths to the Louisiana Transfer Degree. Find information on course requirements for the various concentrations here: Academic Concentrations Overview. Use a template (below) when selecting courses, or get one from your college advisor or a transfer website.

8 Academic Concentration/Curriculum Planning Templates
Biological Sciences
Criminal Justice
Fine Arts
General Business
Mass Communication
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

If you have questions, we encourage you to check out the links in the Schools Participating section of this website and contact the transfer liaison. You can also contact a counselor in the Admissions Office of the community college in your area.