Transfer Course Guide


The Transfer Course Guide (the Master Course Articulation Matrix) is particularly important to students who do not complete the Louisiana Associate Transfer Degree before entering a university.

If a student transfers from a community college to a university without a Louisiana Transfer Degree, then block transfer of courses is NOT guaranteed. Without the Louisiana Transfer Degree, transfer courses are considered individually.

The Transfer Course Guide will help students know which courses have been designated as transfer equivalents among the colleges and universities. It is not an exhaustive list! If a course is not listed here, check on the university’s transfer website (See: “Schools Participating”) for a campus transfer table, or contact the admissions office or the Transfer Advisor for more information.

The Transfer Course Guide lets you search in several ways:

  • To match course offerings, by area, for two campuses:Click Here
  • To know which campuses offer a particular course:Click Here
  • To get a list of all courses in the matrix for a particular campus:Click Here
  • To use the Master Course Articulation Matrix as a spreadsheet or pdf document:
    Click Here